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Evaluation survey: Erasmus+

Please take a few minutes to evaluate the multiplier meeting E-Learning for the Textile Care Sector (2018-1-DE02-KA202-005227) that was held May 20, 2021 at Navigationsgatan 1A, Malmö, Sweden or via Zoom.


1. Attending this conference was worthwhile for me

2. The content was presented in an appealing way

3. The exchange between the participants was made possible

4. It became clear what can be done with the project products.

5. My attention to vocational training for low-skilled workers in the textile care sector was sharpened

6. I am convinced that the e-learning modules developed so far are a promising way to qualify low-skilled workers in the textile care sector

7. I think it would be useful to expand this offer for low-qualified workers with further e-learning modules.

8. I see opportunities for the application of the project products in my own field of work

9. I see clear opportunities to recommend the products presented today

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