Om purchase and public procurement

According to the Public Procurement Act, as a contracting authority, a product or service cannot be labeled with a certain type of mark. But some criteria may be required.

The T-brand guarantees a good choice

our member companies continuously undergo our specially developed authorization checks, to ensure high quality and good service in large procurement and public procurement.

The areas being tested are among others impact, working environment, power consumption and the right kind of equipment. Authorization control is what makes the members of the Laundry Association extra unique, which is why you as a buyer and buyer can always feel safe when using an authorized T-labeled laundry.

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The Nordic Ecolabel

According to the new Swan criteria, the laundry industry's company is required to undergo approved authorization checks from the Swedish Textile Service Association in order to be Swan certified.


Contact the office if you want more information or if you as a contractor want advice on procurement of laundry and textile service!

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25% RUT deduction on laundry