The Swedish Textile Service Association contributes to a European digital education platform

Now, the Swedish Textile Service Association, together with other industry organizations, is starting work on a European digital education platform for the textile service industry. The three-year project will be funded by the EU through Erasmus +.

The aim is to create an innovative, modular and digitally supported education for the industry. In the future, the requirements will increase in education, at the same time as several work steps are well suited as entry-level jobs in the ordinary labor market. The project will take this into account in the development of e-learning through modules, e-lessons and explanatory videos on a learning platform.
The Swedish laundry industry sees diversity as a strength and its employees as its main asset.

European cooperation
The trade organizations for laundry and textile services from Sweden, Germany, Belgium, the Czech Republic and their European network ETSA, will work with the HeurekaNet Institute, which specializes in vocational and adult education.

The total project budget is just over EUR 330. The Swedish Textile Service Association's share is EUR 000.

Premiere for EU funding
- For us, it is very gratifying that we are part of this exciting project. What I know is the first time we have been asked for EU funding. It can be seen as a recognition of the great importance our industry has in Sweden as well as in the rest of Europe, says Daniel Kärrholt, Federal Director of the Swedish Textile Service Association.

Laundry Association Erasmus

To show how the work in a laundry is done, the project will take help from companies and employees in the industry. Using short videos that document various steps.

Those who are interested in contributing to the project are welcome to contact us for more information.

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