Take a look at statistics on the development of the laundry and textile service industry the year before the corona pandemic, 7th edition.

This edition of the Swedish Textile Service Association's industry report is released in the middle of the corona pandemic which has caused great losses to society. The laundry and textile service industry, which has close ties with the hospitality industry, health and care and many other industries, is in a difficult period.

How this crisis will affect the industry financially is still too early to say. The information reported in the industry report is based on the limited companies' annual reports for 2019 or the latest available broken calendar accounts. The information on financial key figures is provided by UC Affärsfakta AB and is reported to the union's members and the laundry and textile service industry as a whole. Laundry and textile service companies that operate in other legal forms are not included in the report unless otherwise stated.

Statistics are also reported regarding the labor force. The statistics on the labor force are taken from Statistics Sweden and refer to the year 2017.

Öster Research has compiled the industry report on behalf of the Swedish Textile Service Association. The individual information in the report has not been reviewed by the Swedish Textile Service Association or Grant Thornton, but all responsibility for facts and conclusions is taken by Öster Research.

Summary (in Swedish)

Summary (In English)

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