The Swedish Textile Service Association's sustainability award for 2022 goes to Jonny Hägerström, Åby, and Henry Eskola, Eskilstuna. The prize winners represent significant contributions to economic, social and environmental sustainability.

The Swedish Textile Service Association has for a long series of years awarded the Sustainability Prize to a number of deserving prize winners. This year, it is awarded in a new cooperation with Ecolab, active in solutions and services in the areas of water, hygiene and infection prevention to make the world cleaner, safer and healthier.


A warm social actor

Through integrity, charisma and commitment, Jonny Hägerström combines much of the good in the textile service industry. Under Jonny's leadership, TvNo has developed a high social profile, good employee policy and acted as a good player in society. One example is that TvNo, together with the employment service, has initiated a project to integrate refugees into society and thereby secure TvNo's staffing supply in the longer term.


A hot energy improver

Henry Eskola is the National Key Account Manager at Scandbio, which refines the remnants from sustainable forestry into valuable energy raw material. Henry is an important source of inspiration, which with long experience in the industry is an enabler for leaving the combustion of oil for steam and heat production in favor of renewable fuels.


Good examples

- Jonny Hägerström and Henry Eskola are good role models who reflect much of the sustainability work that characterizes the textile service industry and the circular industry that we represent. They are committed to a better environment and reduced climate footprint, but also to a sustainable economy and increased social responsibility. It is a great pleasure to draw attention to this fantastic work, says Jan Kluge, chairman of the Swedish Textile Service Association.


- For us, this is the first time we are a proud sponsor of the Sustainability Award for the textile service industry. There can be no better start. The award goes to a leading representative of a sustainability-oriented laundry and also to a supplier member who is committed to working to remove the industry's fossil energy use. All in all, it shows the enormous opportunities that exist for increased sustainability that also contribute to financially good business development, something that is very close to our hearts, says Magnus Söderberg, Nordic Manager Ecolab.


Spreads sustainability

The prize winners will donate the prize money of SEK 5 each to a chosen cause of their own to further contribute to a sustainable world. Jonny Hägerström has chosen Unizon, which brings together over 000 women's shelters, girls' shelters and youth shelters that work for an equal society free from violence. Henry Eskola has chosen the WWF for their work in conserving and restoring wetlands and other freshwater ecosystems and their biodiversity.


Former laureates

2017: Pia Bergman, national coordinator against serious financial crime at the Swedish Tax Agency.
2018: Carl Johan Björkman, contractor Mr. Björkman's Entrance Mats.
2019: Schlemon Athoraya, contractor Örebro-Tvätt, and Kent Pettersson, contractor KåPI Tvätt in Bengtsfors.
2020: Jonas Olaison and Lena K Wiles, sustainability managers at Textilia and Elis respectively
2021: Peter Streijffert, contractor at Lindbytvätten on Öland.


Innovative and competitive laundry industry

The Swedish Textile Service Association is the Swedish laundry industry's industry organization and represents members in both laundry for private individuals and industrial laundry and textile services. The association conducts continuous work for an innovative and competitive laundry industry.

The member companies have about 5 employees and account for up to 000% of industry turnover of about SEK 90 billion. The association's operations are driven by increased demands on customer value, quality, hygiene and climate and environmental efficiency. All members of the Swedish Textile Service Association are professional authorized businesses and undergo an annual inspection by the environmental consulting company Ensucon.


For further information

Jan Kluge, Chairman of the Association, tel. 0705 92 58 98

Daniel Kärrholt, Federal Director, tel. 0705 11 36 85

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