On August 9, we celebrate International Laundry and Textile Service Day!

Infinite Laundry has teamed up with TRSA to promote International Linen & Uniform Service Day (ILUD) on August 9th. This day is celebrated by professionals in the textile service industry all over the world.

On August 9, the very first electrically powered washing machine was patented

On August 9, 1910, "Thor", the very first electric washing machine, was patented by Alva J. Fisher. This marked a turning point for use worldwide. Since then, laundry and textile services have become invaluable pieces of the puzzle in logistics chains worldwide.

Make the industry visible

Coral Undzis, social media director at Infinite Laundry, conceptualized ILUD. The idea was to draw attention to the profession, the people and the place textile service has in our global society, and in this way make customers appreciate and demand our services. As well as expanding their use with additional hygienically clean and reusable textile solutions for the future.

"It's time we celebrate our industry's work with the world and recognize the 'heroes-behind-the-heroes' for their vital work throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond," says Undzis.

What would a world look like without the textile service industry?

This is illustrated in a video that walks the viewer through what the world would look like without linen or work clothes, and then describes the importance of these services. Material for promoting ILUD on social media consists of clear images that dramatize a world without textiles.

"We are proud to be part of our important industry and see #ILUD as an annual opportunity to raise awareness around the world", says Mitchell Holt, President, Infinite Laundry.

Download and share the material on social media

TRSA encourages its members to use this material on their own social media, expanding the reach of International Linen & Uniform Service Day. Here you can download the images with the Swedish Textile Service Association's logo.

Many thanks to Coral, Mitchell Holt, Jeff Wile and Infinite Laundry for their work. Read more at infinitelaundry.com

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