A month has already passed since the annual meeting in Gothenburg - but the successful day filled with interesting meetings and lectures lives on. Our annual meeting is recognized internationally in a number of articles and is named, among other things, by the words great success, interesting speakers and a great day. We can only agree.

LCNI draws attention to the annual meeting

LCNI, Laundry and Cleaning News International, writes about our annual meeting and highlights the great work being done for the mileage in the textile service industry.  Read the article here.

CINET writes about the conference

CINET notes the annual meeting in an article and calls it a "great success". Read their article here.

The annual meeting is highlighted in ETSA's newsletter

ETSA writes this about the annual meeting in its newsletter:

”Very successful annual conference for the Swedish Textile Services Association

100+ delegates and a raft of interesting speakers gathered for the Swedish Textile Services Association's annual conference.

”It was a great day because we get a chance to present at Sveriges Tvätteriförbund´s meeting in Gothenburg. Very well-organized industry association, and a list of speakers out of the extraordinary. ” said Irene Nettéus, Business development of education at Kiwa.

Johnny Magnusson the President of the Regional executive committee in Västra Götaland, one of the top regional politicians in Western Sweden, welcomed everyone to Gothenburg.

The speakers list of the conference included Ola Serneke, founder of Serneke, a large listed company, gave a most fascinating speech about him starting up, building one of the leading innovative construction groups in the country and his ambitions for the future.

Others on the list included, Stefan Johnsson from the energy company Nevel, the impressive startup Vividye was represented by CEO Johanna Nissén Karlsson, Maria Ström CEO The Loop Factory, Degersfors IF chairman Fredrik Rakar (a top flight football team), Nils-Krister Persson from The Swedish School of Textiles, Sanna Sandkvist of Kiwa were also present.

The environmental impact and recycling of textiles are always at the forefront in the association meetings. This time though speeches by Noora Salonoja CEO, Touchpoint, Miska Paulorinne Growth and strategy, Rester and Åsa Degerman Project Leader, OnceMore, Södra. “Only a negligible proportion of the global production of clothing and textiles is recycled today. Virtually everything is sent to landfill or incineration. But Swedish innovation and a willingness to help mitigate climate change can now influence the game at a global level, ”said Åsa Degerman, project manager OnceMore®. a breakthrough that will enable large-scale textile recycling. ”

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