Peter Streijffert, who leads the successful family business Lindbytvätten, is awarded the Swedish Textile Service Association's Sustainability Award 2021.

- Peter is an enthusiastic entrepreneur who has always been a pioneer when it comes to sustainability and environmental issues, says Jan Kluge, chairman of the Swedish Textile Service Association.

A broad commitment

Lindbytvätten, based in Lindby on Öland, which Peter Streijffert runs with his family, works actively and constantly to minimize his environmental impact and works for social sustainability, among other things through a local commitment to society and the sports movement. A current example is that the company participates in various collaborative projects with, among others, universities and Södra Cell to increase circular flows and minimize the use of resources, including water, which is not least locally a major issue.

- The breadth of commitment is wide-ranging and sustainability issues are integrated with business development. That makes Peter Streijffert a worthy winner of this year's Sustainability Award, emphasizes Jan Kluge. 

In cooperation with Christeyns

The sustainability prize is awarded by the Swedish Textile Service Association in cooperation with Christeyns to shed light on sustainability issues in the textile service industry.

Previous winners

This year is the fifth time that the Swedish Textile Service Association has awarded the Sustainability Prize.

The first winner was Pia Bergman, national coordinator against serious financial crime at the Swedish Tax Agency, who received the award in 2017. The following year, 2018, the award went to the entrepreneur Carl Johan Björkman, Mr. Björkman's Entrémattor. In 2019, the prize was shared between the contractors Schlemon Athoraya, Örebro-Tvätt, and Kent Pettersson, KåPI Tvätt in Bengtsfors. Also in 2020, the prize was shared by two prize winners, the sustainability managers and also the environmental inspirers Jonas Olaison, Textilia, and Lina K Wiles, Berendsen.


The Swedish Textile Service Association conducts continuous work for an innovative and competitive laundry industry. All members of the Swedish Textile Service Association are professional authorized operations and undergo an annual inspection by the environmental consulting company Ensucon.


For further information

Jan Kluge, Chairman of the Association, tel. 0705 92 58 98

Daniel Kärrholt, Federal Director, tel. 0705 11 36 85


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