On November 18, it's time for the Autumn Meeting at Hotel Blique by Nobis. Welcome to Stockholm. The capital of islands and water. 

With one foot in the artistic Vasastaden and the other in the growing Hagastaden, our hotel has an unbeatable location in a new and exciting part of Stockholm. The area is known as Stockholm's Gallery District, with several of the city's best galleries just around the corner.
Here you will find many of Stockholm's most innovative restaurants and popular bars within walking distance. Sankt Eriksplan Metro Station and Odenplan Commuter Train Station are just a five-minute walk from the hotel.


08.00 The industry exhibition opens.

09.00 Check-in for conference.

10.00 Sven Otto Littorin, Entrepreneur and former Minister of Labor.

10.30 Maria Ström, Head of innovation, Wargön Innovation

11.00 Jonas Olaison, Head of Sustainability Textilia

11.30 Stina Jansson, Marketing Manager at BP (IF Brommapojkarna)


11.50 Christer Bäcker, the Norwegian Laundry Association's energy adviser

12.10 Elena Lai, Secretary General of ETSA - the European Textile Service Association

12.40 Lunch 🍴

13.30 Richard Herrey, Artist and Entrepreneur

14.00 KG Bergström, Journalist

14.30 Coffee break

18.00 The industry exhibition closes.

Download the program in Swedish and in English.


Sven Otto Littorin

Photo: Private




Wide reflections

Sven Otto Littorin


From Skänninge to Abu Dhabi and back in the Sörmland soil - reflections on entrepreneurship and politics then and now.

Sven Otto Littorin is an entrepreneur and former Minister of Labor and party secretary (m). Littorin is chairman of Beowulf Mining and Landskapsbyggen, and a senior partner at The Labyrinth Public Affairs.

Maria Ström

Photo: Jerry Lövberg




Valuable residual streams

Maria Ström

Head of innovation, Wargön Innovation

Maria is head of innovation at Wargön Innovation, a test bed for biomaterials and textiles and part of Science Park Innovatum. In her talk “From waste and worn-out workwear to new products,” she will talk about the TexChain3 project which aims to take advantage of the value in textile residual streams from the industry where most today goes to incineration. The project is financed by Vinnova and the 34 project partners.

Image: Textilia




Steps for sustainability

Jonas Olaison

Sustainability Manager Textilia

In his lecture Sustainable Textile Service 2.0, Jonas talks about what the players in the industry need to do to take the next step.

Stina Jansson

Image: BP




Social sustainability

Stina Jansson

Marketing Manager at BP (IF Brommapojkarna)

About social sustainability what it leads to and the purpose behind it.

Stina Jansson has been at BP since 2017, responsible for marketing, communication, CSR and partners. Conducts the work on social sustainability within the association. She has experience from marketing and sales from Mekonomen as sales manager.

BP is Tvätteriförbundet's cooperation club. Read report »

Photo: Private




Tomorrow's energy

Christer Bäcker

The Swedish Textile Service Association's energy adviser

We will gain exciting insights into a changing energy market. Christer Bäcker is the Swedish Textile Service Association's energetic cost presser. In his company Oriri Konsult, he specializes in the energy market and in finding purchasing strategies to secure long-term good prices for electricity and gas in all its forms. Read the whole article here

Image: ETSA




Challenges and opportunities

Elena Lai

Secretary General of ETSA - the European Textile Service Association

Elena will tell us more about the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead for us in a European perspective.




Sven Otto Littorin

Photo: Thomas Engström




Golden occasions

Richard Herrey

Artist and entrepreneur

Perhaps best known as one of the Herrey brothers - winner of the Melodifestivalen and Eurovision Song Contest. Has also made a career as a radio presenter for, among others, Swedish Radio P4 and Mix Megapol, and not least as a theater and restaurant manager where he has over the years been responsible for the operation of the Oscar Theater, Golden Hits, Hard Rock Cafe Stockholm and Hard Rock Hotel Maldives.

Has also in recent years been politically involved and sits on the municipal council in Nacka, and is a deputy for the Moderates in the Riksdag where he will most recently serve December 2021-July 2022.


Photo: Private




Politics in a new landscape

K-G Bergström


About all the political tours for us in the new landscape after the January agreement, declaration of no confidence etc. What happens now?

KG Bergström has been a journalist and opinion leader for about 50 years. He worked for most of his career at Swedish Television. News director, foreign correspondent, political commentator and host of his own program "Straight on with KG Bergström". After retiring from SvT, Bergström was a political commentator for Expressen for eight years. He has also recently published a book about the Russian occupation of upper Norrland in 1809.

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