- by Jan-Olof Bengtsson -

It is quite idyllic in the tranquil Limhamn. The clientele is faithful and the tone closest to family. It is warm in the shop and there is some steam from the region inside, while the pleasant and safe scent of pure propagates to the counter.

It says "Robban". And has been doing so for many years. A well-known profile. Limhamns Kemomat has four employees, is family owned and operated in the third generation by Robert Serruys. The customer base is stable and satisfied. The distribution is about 60 percent of private customers and 40 percent of companies.

"We find that we attract people in their careers who have too little leisure time," he says. Because once it is found, it is so valuable that it should not be wasted on laundry, he says. That's where we come in. In addition, many solitary households found here.

The typical customer today is a man or woman between 40 and 50 years old, says Robert. And they hand in shirts. blouses, dresses and suits. It usually deals with very loyal customers who are constantly returning. - In addition, many of the everyday garments are of such quality today that they can simply be washed in water without the need for dry cleaning. For example, coveralls and such. But certainly it is convenient to leave their shirts to the regular water wash and have them back ironed and folded - The shirts are handed in once a week while suits may be once a quarter. So is the small-scale and block-sized private dry cleaning safe and quiet?

Do you lean back and let the trade take care of itself?

- No, it hadn't gone. The industry is constantly evolving.

"Clothes you can thankfully not rationalize away."

Until the mid-70s, dry cleaners had what was popularly called "cold stores". It was about pick-up and drop-off points and could be three to four pieces connected to the dry cleaning itself scattered in other places. It was obviously convenient for the customer with this proximity. But this brought with it personnel costs that were not incurred.

However, what the "cold stores" laid the foundation for was further development. That you as a full-time private individual can now hand in and collect their laundry at work where it is delivered up to twice a week. You simply get clean laundry with you when you go home for the day.
And it has become easy. Either you place the order online or via the app on your mobile. The app that Limhamns Kemomat works with has been around for about a year. And everything is paid against invoice. "We believe in this a lot," says Robert. The jungle telegraph is effective and more and more companies are demanding our services for their employees. It will be win-win for everyone.

- Clothes you can thankfully not rationalize away. There will always be people who go to meetings in costume.

“My wife found securities tucked in a tall suit. And a bank was required to track the owner. "

There are no direct submission peaks. Would be at Christmas and New Year. Or when changing the wardrobe seasonally. -Another example I will think of is when the schools submit the curtains for the summer holidays and that we deliver clean and nice well in advance of the school day again. So there is no "peak day". But in the past, May was just such a special day. A few days before the demonstration train, the fine shirt was submitted for dry cleaning and strengthening. All for the men to go nice and well dressed under the banners.
The fact that man is a forgetful being is not news. So what do you usually find in submitted laundry?

"Very strange things," replies Robert. My wife found securities tucked in a high clothes. And a bank was required to track the owner.

I fished up 14 500-kronor banknotes in a jacket pocket. When I called the owner he just came and picked up the money without saying anything. Then I got a little snooped. But the next day he came with wine, a fruit basket and a bounty and apologized in shame. He had simply suffered a shock. So it can go.

Are all clothes taken out?

- No not really. I usually get together two big bags a year with clothes that are handed in but where the owner has disappeared for various reasons. But those bags are very welcome at Myrorna where I deliver.

And strange questions from customers occur well?

- Yes, a great deal. The price I think is taken by a woman who wondered what it cost to dry clean a carpet? So I was obviously wondering what it was for someone?

"It's in the kitchen," she replied. And it's blue!

He cherishes the memory.

- Our services are needed! Clearly!

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25% RUT deduction on laundry