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Business Report 2019

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"It feels like we are right on time. In the textile service industry, sustainability issues and our community involvement are integrated into everyday life. ”
- Jan Kluge, Federal President

We communicate, so we are

Sustainability - a matter of course

TvNo wants to contribute to the integration in society and at the same time find people to hire. This was our joint entry into this cooperation that was designed and implemented in 2019.

Our new brochure - Sustainability an obvious part of our DNA was developed a lot thanks to Ecolab, Christeyns, Dibella, Care for Clothes, Kreussler and Kentaur. A big thank you to everyone who participated in this - not least TvNo for coming and taking pictures with you.

Industry Report 2019

With the help of Stefan Öster, Öster Research, we have again produced statistics on the development of the laundry and textile service industry. In this sixth edition of the Swedish Textile Service Association's industry report, in cooperation with Grant Thornton, economic key figures for the association's members as well as the laundry and textile service industry as a whole are presented.

Fair report from the Autumn 2019 meeting

Fair newspaper for the 2019 Autumn Meeting

Communication of Engagement 2019

Business Policy 2019

This year's sustainability report

The laundry and textile service industry is a socially important industry and a real future industry whose business is based on a circular business model. With the key words Competence, Quality, Environment and Social Responsibility, the Swedish Textile Service Association clearly shows that sustainability has a central place in the work of the Swedish laundry and textile service industry.

This year's sustainability report, produced in cooperation with Beirholm, is the sixth in the order. By selecting a number of indicators and annually following up and publishing developments within these in our sustainability report, we create an increased awareness of how the industry is developing.

Updated communication platform

In order to help improve the conditions for running operations in laundry and textile services and dry cleaning services, the Laundry Association brings together its communicative power in a focused number of messages.

To that end, we have developed a communication platform that is based on the union's vision and identifies the main areas that lead to this vision. During the year, the communication platform was updated for the years 2020-2021.

Favorites from the archive

Job, job, job

The laundry and textile service industry has great potential for new hires and, not least, being able to offer so-called entry jobs. This page tells us more about how the number of jobs can be doubled.

The social value of the laundry and textile service industry

The laundry and textile service industry shows great potential to grow and thus be able to offer new jobs. The evidence presented in the report "The social value of the laundry and textile service industry - Today and tomorrow" indicates that the industry can double the number of employees, which means a new recruitment of 5 people.

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Sustainability - a heart issue 🇸🇪

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About the T-mark and the authorization check 🇬🇧
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Sustainability - close to our hearts 🇬🇧

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