A picture says more than 1000 words - and a moving picture with sound even more! Thus, a 360 ° video is an exciting way to learn more about the varied and responsible work in textile service.

At the initiative of the Swiss Industry Association, the production of a 360 ° video was started in early March in cooperation with the associations in Belgium, Germany, UK and Sweden and our European association ETSA. A 360 ° video, also known as VR video, is a video that allows a view in all directions from the camera's point of view and with 3D glasses. The video adapts to the viewer's movements. If in reality the viewer turns to the right, he will also move to the right in the virtual world.

Join us in the consumer laundry


Join us in the industrial laundry


This type of video gives the viewer a feeling that he is in the middle of an industrial laundry or consumer laundry / dry cleaning and offers the opportunity to experience the exciting everyday life up close. The video is intended to show the varied work as well as the modern computer controlled equipment and process technologies and give an insight into the other activities.

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