A Kembaren in Falkenberg / Din Laundry

Laundry member of the Swedish Textile Service Association.

A Kembaren in Falkenberg / Din Laundry

Laundry member

In our modern washing plant, we continuously invest in expanding our machine park with the latest technology. In industry, healthcare, construction, civil engineering, hotels and restaurants, the garments are exposed daily to various types of soiling and require continuous washing and care. The need for laundry differs between different industries and we adapt it to your specific business. Contact us for more information and price information.

We also offer rental of tablecloths, napkins, bed linen, terrycloth and kitchen towels. It is also possible to lease entrance mats or. logo rugs in different sizes.

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Rönnhagasvägen 5
311 44 ​​Falkenberg


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25% RUT deduction on laundry