Interview with Carl Johan Björkman: The winner who lives for sustainability


Carl Johan Björkman was named the Swedish Textile Service Association's Sustainability Prize winner in 2018. For over 25 years, the work on the environment and sustainability has been a natural part of the business on Mr Björkman's entrance mats.

- The goal is to be the best in the industry, not only in the core business but also in terms of resource use and environment, says Carl Johan Björkman.

Sun and rain

The plant in Malmö is completely environmentally friendly and has its own solar panels, which cover 40-60 percent of the total consumption and systems for handling rainwater for the washing process. Up to 98 per cent of the water is recycled and the part that evaporates is primarily filled with the rainwater. Very little fresh water is added.

The business is also fossil fuel free. The washing process is run with biogas and only electricity from wind and solar power is used. All customer deliveries are made with biogas-driven transport cars that are refueled in the plant's own gas station.

First in the world

Mr Björkman's entrance mats were also the first carpet laundry in the world to start using biotechnological detergent. The level of ambition is high and sustainability thinking extends far. In the socially sustainable society, all people's skills are utilized in the best possible way.

- We think it is important to reflect society and believe that diversity creates opportunities. Among other things, we have employees from many different countries such as Sweden, Cuba, Chile, Iran, Afghanistan, Poland, Turkey, Iraq, Yemen, Syria, El Salvador, Colombia and Bolivia, which enrich both the company in general and the work environment.

Those who inherit the earth

To engage future generations for sustainable development, Mr Björkmans is part of the project

- We are one of the companies that through workshops gives children and young people the opportunity to experience mathematics in their real context. For us, the concern for the environment and sustainability is a very important element, emphasizes Carl Johan Björkman.

Told for Ulf Silfverström

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