Free work clothes - of course


Through new regulations from the National Board of Health and Welfare's own ambitions, municipalities are increasingly choosing to offer free work clothes to their employees in areas such as elderly care, home care and pre-school. It is, among other things, a matter of hygiene, identification and justice.

The Swedish laundry and textile services sector is ready to help. We like procurement, competition and diversity.

We are an industry that employs many young people, many without completed education and many who are born abroad.

We see our diversity as a strength and our employees as our greatest asset. In Sweden, approximately 5 employees work in different laundry companies. 

The services are provided for industry, hotel and restaurant industry, staff, patient, bed and operating textiles for care and care, as well as laundry and textile handling of consumer laundry.

Our industry has a high social responsibility. We are an important entry-level industry. By ensuring that textiles stay whole and clean for a long time, we protect both man and the environment. We contribute to the functioning of the business and public sector.

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25% RUT deduction on laundry