UN: s Global Compact

Since 2016, the Swedish Textile Service Association has joined the UN Global Compact. This means that the union supports the ten basic principles of the Global Compact and conducts active and systematic work for continuous improvement in relation to these. 

UN Global Compacts ten basic principles

Human Rights

1. Support and respect the protection of international human rights within the sphere that the company can influence.

2. Make sure the company is not involved in human rights violations.

3. Maintain freedom of association and recognize the right to collective bargaining.

4. Abolish all forms of forced labor.

5. Abolish child labor.

6. Eliminate discrimination in employment and occupation.


7. Support the precautionary principle regarding environmental risks.

8. Initiate and promote greater responsibility for the environment.

9. Encourage the development and dissemination of environmentally friendly technologies.


10. Combat all forms of corruption, including extortion and bribery.

This is how we work with the issues of the UN Global Compact

Read the Swedish Textile Service Association Communication of Engagement where we talk about how we and our members work on these issues.

For more information on Global Compact see unglobalcompact.org

Read more about our focus points


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