We take responsibility for one social responsibility

The Laundry Association strives to create opportunities for social and environmental responsibility for both industry offices and employees. The textile service industry offers a more sustainable alternative to disposable items and laundry of work clothes at home or in the workplace.


En circular nutrition

By actively supporting members in an improvement work, the Laundry Association strives to reduce energy consumption, minimize climate impact, reduce waste generation and increase resource efficiency - both from its own operations and from the members' operations. The Laundry Association strives to contribute to a socially sustainable society.

We believe in and work for everyone's opportunities and oppose all forms of discrimination. The laundry association works actively for each member company to develop clear environmental programs. In cooperation with the market players, we give our members the opportunity to find educational opportunities and knowledge exchanges, so that they can better meet increased demands from authorities, customers, employees and competitors.

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The laundry and textile service industry is a circular industry.

Always choose T-marked

All members of the Swedish Textile Service Association may use the T-Mark. It is a clear quality mark and means that our laundries, after approved authorization checks, meet all our requirements for professional knowledge, good business and efficient use of resources.

Therefore, we can always guarantee that T-labeled laundries have the best possible conditions for a high-quality business with a high level of service. Our ethical rules must be a clear moral support for our member companies and their employees.

Sustainable environment

Today, the environment is one of the major societal issues, and in line with the increased awareness of impending environmental risks, there is a great need for effective environmental adaptation.

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Job, job, job

The laundry and textile service industry has great potential for new hires and, not least, being able to offer so-called entry jobs. With the right conditions, we create 5 new jobs.

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Free work clothes

More and more municipalities offer free work clothes to their employees in elderly care, home care and preschool. It is, among other things, a matter of hygiene, identification and justice.

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Social responsibility

We believe in an inclusive society. This means that space must be prepared for people who have not entered the labor market for various reasons.

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