Annual meeting 2020 • 2020-05-14 • Swedish Textile Service Association, Malmö

Welcome to the 2020 Annual Meeting

See you at the Swedish Textile Service Association in Malmö on May 14.

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Time for Swedish Textile Service Association Annual Meeting 2020

We welcome all our members to the Swedish Textile Service Association's Annual Meeting 2020.

In order to limit the risk of spreading the corona virus, the board of the Swedish Textile Service Association has decided on a number of precautionary measures in connection with the annual meeting.

The meeting will be a pure annual meeting negotiation. The circular arrangements with lectures, dinner, etc., which are characteristic of our gatherings, are canceled. The annual meeting moves to Malmö and to the union's premises at the Swedish Enterprise and Industry office.

Unfortunately, we will not be able to offer pre-booked hotel rooms, lunch or dinner according to what we usually do, but instead coffee / tea / water and snacks will be available.

All members are welcome to Malmö and Navigationsgatan 1a, May 14 at 10.00. The meetings usually last about 30 minutes. Register your participation here. It will also be possible to connect by phone. Participation is completely free of charge.

If you are concerned about the spread of infection or belong to one of the risk groups, and therefore do not want to attend in person, we would like to remind you of the possibility that voting rights may be exercised by proxy to another member. We also fully understand that for many, it is a long road for a shorter meeting.

We feel great humility in the face of everything that is happening and hope that through these precautions we will contribute to a better situation for all of us.

The next Confederation meeting we hope will be the fall meeting on November 12, 2020 Falkenbergs Strandbad.

Welcome to annual meeting negotiations

Daniel Kärrholt
Federal Officer

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