T brand - a quality mark

A laundry that carries the T-mark meets the requirements of the Laundry Association in the areas of hygiene, finances, process control, environment, work environment and quality.


High quality and of service

our T-marking is a quality label that may be used by all members of the Swedish Textile Service Association.

The labeling means that the laundries meet the federation's requirements for professional knowledge, good enterprise and efficient use of resources.

Therefore, we can always guarantee that T-Labeled laundry facilities have the best possible conditions for a high quality service with a high level of service.

Appreciated supplier members

our supplier members offer products and services of the highest quality to the Swedish laundry and textile service industry.

For these members, we have now developed a new T-Brand so that you can easily find a supplier whose heart beats a little extra for the sustainable development of the industry.

Supplier member

laundry Association authorization control

The T-certificate is issued based on the members' declaration in combination with audits at the laundries. Approximately 70 points are evaluated (depending on the type of business) and the facilities must be approved to obtain their certificate.

The criteria for authorization are developed in cooperation between Ensucon and the Swedish Textile Service Association. They are reviewed regularly and, if necessary, adjusted. The goal is to constantly raise and develop the level according to the industry's best practice and, of course, according to customers' requirements and expectations.

The person responsible for each laundry reports each year how the businesses work on the issues. In addition, follow-up sampling is carried out among plants by an independent consultant. Bacterial tests are performed on washed goods during sampling checks. The samples are analyzed in accredited laboratories and the results are examined based on the established maximum level. If everything is in order, a certificate will be issued for the coming year.

Examples of points that are evaluated are:

  • Social responsibility
  • Work Environment
  • Chemical and waste management
  • Environmental work
  • Environmental Reporting
  • Maintenance of machines and equipment
  • Financial control
  • hygiene Plan
  • Washing Journal
Ensucon is the external party that evaluates the declaration and carries out audits on behalf of the Swedish Textile Service Association.

Contact Gustav Johansson
Senior Quality, Environment and Work Environment Consultant

Tel: 0723-06 64 07

Gustav Johansson is an environmental and sustainability consultant and has worked with laundry companies since 2012. Since 2019 he continues to provide support and advice to the association and its members through Ensucon.




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