Statutes of the Swedish Textile Service Association

Resolution at Annual Meeting May 14, 2020.

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The Swedish Textile Service Association is a non-profit association. As an industry organization, the purpose is to promote the development of the Swedish laundry and textile service industry and to utilize and support the members' interests by:

Support the members' business activities

Promote an expanded, healthy market and thereby promote the industry's competitiveness

Monitor the laundry and textile service industry's business policy interests

Raise the status and show caseard of the industry by working with members in sound and legal forms

Work to increase the competence of the members.


There are three different forms of membership; full member, supplier member and passive member. Upon application, the Federal Board decides on an established form if any of the forms of membership is granted. The supplier member and the passive member have the right to attend the association's meetings, with the right to speak, but without the right to vote. A full member owns the same right, but also has the right to vote. The full member is assumed to be the natural or legal person who, through co-operation or otherwise, conducts operations including laundry and textile services in Sweden. Membership can be granted to all types of natural and legal persons.

Full membership requires that member

Passed approved authorization checks,

Completed its commitments to the union and its partners,

Accepted the union's ethical rules,

Not bankrupt,

Follows the current laws of the labor market and,

Otherwise, the goals set by the annual meeting follow.

A supplier member of the Swedish Textile Service Association can be assumed to be a company or organization that is a supplier of services or products or in some other way is close to the industry.

As a passive member of the Swedish Textile Service Association may be assumed natural persons who have been the owners or leaders of companies that are or have been full members of the Swedish Textile Service Association.

If an operation is passed which is run by a member to another holder who wishes to take over the membership of the Swedish Textile Service Association, the new owner must submit an application for this to the Board. The application must be assisted by the transferring party and combined with the certificate that the new owner assumes all responsibility associated with the membership.


A full member shall regularly undergo an authorization check at the intervals determined by the Board. In cases where the control is carried out by an external company, a special charge is made.

After the Federal Board can verify that a member has passed an approved authorization check and that he otherwise complies with what is stated in § 2, a special certificate and a sign with the union's t-mark are sent. The certificate is renewed in conjunction with verification.

When the membership ends, the certificate also expires.

The terms and scope of the authorization check are determined annually by the Federal Board and are presented in a separate letter.

§ 4 FEES

The members shall pay to the Swedish Textile Service Association the annual fee that the annual meeting determines and to the Tvätteriförbundets Service AB the service fee that the annual meeting determines.

The supplier member and the passive member pay the union fee and service fee in the way the association's annual meetings determine.

In addition to what has been stated above regarding fees, the Swedish Textile Service Association and / or the Laundry Service Association AB have the right to charge extra service fees from the members. However, this additional charge may not exceed one year for an amount corresponding to 25% of the ordinary ordinary service charge for the current year. Decisions on such extra fee collection are made by annual or union meeting

§ 5 SEAT

The Federal Board shall have its seat in Malmö.


The Association's accounts, which are kept per calendar year, must be submitted for review to the auditors at the latest one month before the Annual General Meeting and the Board of Directors' report for the past year.


For review of the association's accounts and administration in general, the annual general meeting appoints two auditors and two alternates. An auditor and a substitute shall be an authorized auditor. The auditor and the substitute who is not authorized shall be a member of the Swedish Textile Service Association.


The company is signed by more than half of the sitting board in association. The Board of Directors may delegate the right to subscribe for the company through ongoing questions to the President and / or the President for a period not exceeding one year. Such authorization may, if necessary, be renewed for a new period of at most one year at a time.


a) The Federal Board shall consist of the Chairman of the Federation and at least five and a maximum of seven members. The union director employed by the Laundry Service Association AB shall be adjunct to the Board.

b) At meetings of the Board, minutes shall be kept which, after adjustment by the Chairman, are distributed to the members of the Board.

c) The Chairman of the Association is elected at the Annual General Meeting. The chairman of the union is also a member of and chairman of the union board.

d) Other members of the Federal Board are elected annually at the ordinary annual meeting until the end of the next annual general meeting.

e) The Federal Board appoints within itself a vice chairman who shall also be the deputy chairman of the union. In the event that the Chairman is unable to attend a meeting, the Vice Chairman will take over the post as Chairman and all the characteristics it entails, including the casting vote.

f) The Board of Directors is resolved when at least half of the members are present. As the Board's decision is concerned, the meaning with which most voters unite. In the case of equal voting rights, the sentence supported by the chairman applies. A member, who participated in the decision of the case, is considered to have assisted in the decision recorded in the minutes, unless he has had a different meaning recorded there.


The Federation Board is responsible for the association's administration.


The Annual General Meeting elects two ordinary members and two alternates for the union's election committee. The Nomination Committee prepares questions regarding the election of the Board of Directors and officials of the Association for the next annual meetings.


The Annual General Meeting shall be held no later than the end of June and at the time and place within Sweden as the Board decides. At the annual meeting, the following matters shall be addressed:

a) Election of the Annual Meeting's officials.

a. Chairman to chair the annual meeting.

b. Secretary to keep the annual meeting minutes.

c. Two adjustment persons as well as voting counters to adjust the annual meeting minutes together with the chairman.

b) Voice length adjustment.

c) Ask if the annual meeting is legally announced.

d) Presentation of the Directors' Report / Annual Report. e) Presentation of audit report.

f) Question about establishing the association's income statement and balance sheet.

g) Question of disposition of profit or loss.

h) Issue of discharge from the Board of Directors.

i) Information on the financial statements of the Laundry Services Association AB.

j) Determination of annual fee and service fee for the coming year.

k) Appointment of a representative at the Annual General Meeting of Tvätteriförbundet Service AB.

l) Determination of remuneration to the Chairman and members of the Board.

m) Determination of fees to the auditor.

n) Resolution on the number of board members.

o) Election of the Chairman until the next Annual General Meeting.

p) Election of other members of the Board.

q) Election of two members and alternate members of the nomination committee.

r) Election of two auditors and alternates, one of whom shall be an authorized auditor.

s) Processing of received motions or suggestions from a member or auditor.

t) Processing of proposals from the Board.

In addition to specified points, at annual meetings, the matters specified in the notice may be dealt with or immediately prompted by the report of the Board of Directors or the auditors. Other matters may be admitted for deliberation but not for decision. In the event that the Board fails to call an annual meeting and can reasonably be expected to continue to fail to call an annual meeting, each full member has since one month elapsed from the date the annual meeting was last held entitled to call an annual meeting in accordance with the provisions. in § 14. Such an annual meeting shall be held at the location of the seat of the Board for the notice to be valid. In the event that more than one full member exercises this right, the notice which is earlier dated shall be valid. In the event that several summonses are dated on the same day, the summons made by the oldest full member shall be valid.

As a general rule, attendance at an annual meeting must take place through the member's physical presence. However, the Board may decide that members may participate by telephone or through other electronic communication tools. Such a decision may only be made if it can be reasonably verified that it is actually the member who attends the annual meeting and that any voting can be done safely. The Board may only make decisions referred to in this paragraph if it is caused by external factors which the Swedish Textile Service Association cannot influence or control.

If at least one tenth of all voting members so request in writing, the Board of Directors shall convene an additional annual meeting. Such a request shall state which matter is to be considered at the extraordinary annual meeting. The Board is obliged to issue a summons for an additional annual meeting within two weeks of receipt of the request.


At a union meeting, every full member has one vote. Decisions at the annual meeting are made, with the exception of what is stipulated in section 16, by a simple majority. In the case of equal number of votes, personal choice is decided by lottery and other issues by the chairman's decision vote. If someone so demands, personal choices must be made with closed ballot papers. All other voting at the Confederation meeting is openly implemented.

Voting rights may be exercised by proxy to another member. However, no one at the meeting may exercise the right to vote for more than one additional member.

§ 14 CALLS

Notice of annual meeting must be made in writing by mail or electronic mail to each member and sent at least 14 days before the annual meeting and 7 days before the extra meeting.

In the event of a union meeting, matters that are not included in the statutory agenda will be dealt with, notice and a list of these matters shall be made available to the members of the federation at least 14 days before the appointed date.

In the event of a covenant meeting involving proposals for amendment of the covenant statutes, the proposed amendment to its main content shall be stated in the list.

Every full member is entitled to have a case referred to a trial at a federal meeting, if a request is made to the federal board no later than 10 days before the federal meeting.


Members who wish to resign must apply to the Board in writing for such. Written applications must be submitted to the Board no later than 3 months before the end of the year, otherwise the membership will remain for another year with the rights and obligations arising from the membership.

Members who violate, circumvent or otherwise be deemed by the Board not to comply with the Association's statutes and / or its ethical rules, or who are otherwise deemed by the Board to violate their obligations to the Association or to violate what is considered to be good practice within the industry, may by the Board get their membership terminated with immediate effect.

A member who goes into bankruptcy or liquidation or otherwise ceases or discontinues the activities that formed the basis for the membership can have his membership terminated with immediate effect by the board.

In connection with the termination of membership, the member loses all his rights vis-à-vis the Swedish Textile Service Association and the Laundry Service Association AB. Upon withdrawal or exclusion from the association, a member is not entitled to any part of the association's assets, including any repayment of fees paid. The union's t-mark must be immediately removed and the certificate expires.

A member who does not apply for a timely exit in accordance with the first subparagraph is obliged to pay the following year's fees in accordance with § 4. The same applies to a member who does not contribute to authorization checks during the year. Subsequent annual fees must be the same fees that the member last paid or should have paid, with adjustment for any fee changes decided by the annual meeting.

A member who does not participate in authorization checks and who is required to pay fees in accordance with the previous paragraph will be excluded from the Swedish Textile Service Association at the end of the next year. A member who does not participate in authorization checks can only be required to pay one year's extra fees in accordance with the previous paragraph. In the event that the member contributes to authorization checks before the time specified in the first sentence, the member shall not be excluded on this basis.


Decisions to amend these statutes can be made by the annual meeting, provided that at least 2/3 of all the votes cast support the amendment. Decisions to amend these statutes may also be taken by two consecutive meetings at least 30 days apart if the amendment at both meetings is supported by at least a simple majority. One of these meetings is to be an annual meeting.

Resolution on dissolution of the association can only be made at two consecutive meetings at least 30 days apart. One of these meetings shall be an annual meeting. Both resolutions must be taken by at least 2/3 majority of all votes cast for the amendment. The decision shall specify the procedure for the sale of the association's remaining assets, as well as how the remaining liquid funds should then be distributed among the members.


In the event of disagreement with the interpretations in these statutes, the opinion of the Federal Board shall apply until the matter is decided by the annual meeting.

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