Ethical rules

Our ethical rules must be a clear moral support for our member companies and their employees. The purpose of the rules is to provide a clear and distinct picture of the laundries' view of their role in the labor market. 

They must also clarify the companies' joint contribution to good business ethics in business and a positive and environmentally friendly development in society. It is mandatory for companies that are authorized by the Swedish Textile Service Association to follow the ethical rules. The members' common key words are Competence, Quality, Environment and Social Responsibility.



  • Assess and select employees only according to competence, knowledge and skills. No discrimination is made on the basis of skin color, nationality, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, disability, gender or age.
  • Give employees continuous competence development. Among other things, by offering work with many different tasks (job rotation). Specially adapted training for consumer laundries. (See EDUCATION)


  • Have knowledge of the laws and regulations that apply in the labor market and in applicable collective agreements.
  • Always establish written employment contracts.
  • Take advantage of the employees' skills, knowledge and skills to perform a professional job.
  • Agree in advance with the customer about financial terms, terms of employment and working methods.
  • Always follow the General Complaints Board's decision in the event of disputes against private consumers.
  • Have the most recently issued T-mark placed on the customer's visible place.
  • Follow the delivery regulations that were issued for the industry.


  • The business must be run in an environmentally conscious manner in accordance with laws and regulations. The company must act long-term and sustainably.
  • Use approved chemicals that do not adversely affect our environment.
  • Offer all employees a safe and pleasant working environment. The laundry must be approved in accordance with all laws and regulations as well as accredited companies appointed by the Swedish Textile Service Association.

Social responsibility

  • Ensure that subcontractors are authorized or meet the requirements of the authorization.
  • Have orderly finances, pay taxes and fees and ensure that bookkeeping and accounting are done in accordance with good accounting practice.
  • Always give private consumers a machine stamped receipt with information on organization numbers and VAT. Payment card terminal must be found.
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