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our mission is to contribute to increased growth in the market through education and information, thereby promoting the laundry industry in Sweden.

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The Swedish Textile Service Association is the Swedish laundry industry's industry organization and represents members in both dry cleaning and industrial laundry. The Laundry Association is continuously working towards a qualitative and competitive laundry industry. All our members are authorized with ours T Brand. This means that they meet the criteria required to guarantee a quality business with good service and strong social responsibility.

The laundry industry is a broad industry that encompasses different types of businesses with many different services and products. In common, they work with different types of textiles, which are important for all of us in both everyday life and working life. 

Examples of services are work clothes and cloths for industry, hotel and restaurant textiles, staff, patient, bed and surgery textiles for care and care, as well as entrance mats, mops and towel rolls.

Our members are also responsible for laundry and textile handling of consumer laundry.

The development is driven by increased demands on the environment, hygiene and quality. These requirements meet the industry with, among other things, the development of new textiles, RFID tagging, which enables better tracking opportunities and garments.

By ensuring that textiles stay whole and clean for a long time, we protect both man and the environment. 

Four-part movie

In an animated film, you can take part in our heart questions that show the possibilities of professional textile service. 

Narrator: Björn Ranelid

Job, job, job

A report and infograhics about how the industry creates jobs and gets important service performed with quality and environmental requirements.

FÃ ¶ Author: Stefan Öster

textile Service Industries

The Swedish textile service industry consists of 300 companies with 5000 employees.

Learn more about good initiatives. 

Social media

We direct the dialogue and spread our message on social media. Feel free to follow us Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and Twitter.


Community involvement

We maintain an ongoing dialogue with policy makers and participate in political meetings.

On our Facebook page you can see pictures from political meetings.

Knowledge of the industry

We have collected reports, infographics and films about the industry on our website.

Get on yourself and gladly spread the knowledge.

Vision and core values

The overall task of the laundry association is to deliver the greatest benefit to its members and thereby contribute to improving the conditions for running operations in the laundry and textile and dry cleaning services.


We are present in our members' reality and everyday life so that we undershow case and can translate the needs into different support measures.


We are clear in our work to influence the world in which our members operate in order to constantly improve their conditions.


We are committed to our efforts to improve the conditions and conditions for our members to run their business successfully.


We are responsive to the needs of our members.

Our mission

our mission is to promote the laundry industry in Sweden and generate growth in the market. The business is all about smart logistics, training and clear communication. The work is driven by increased demands on efficiency, environmental adaptation, hygiene and quality and leans on four pillars - authorization, communication, business policy monitoring and education.



Authorization control and the T-mark form the very foundation of our business. This means that we and the industry are constantly striving for new goals in various areas such as the environment, hygiene and working conditions.

T brand

Communication and consumer awareness

The Laundry Association works actively to strengthen communication around the brand, the business and the control of authorization. The purpose is to give our members a stronger market position by raising the awareness of consumers and buyers about the qualitative values ​​associated with our T-Brand.

Monitoring of industrial policy interests

The Swedish Textile Service Association is the body responsible for the industry's action against the Riksdag, the government and other organizations and authorities. The Laundry Association is also an active referral body and is an important part of the overall goals that affect our members and their operations.


Knowledge is a decisive factor for long-term success. This requires education. The Swedish Textile Service Association has a special responsibility to give our members the opportunity, in cooperation with market players, to find education that makes them better equipped to meet new challenges and increased demands from various authorities, customers, employees and competitors.

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