Thanks to smart energy solutions, TvNo in Norrköping is now a completely fossil-free laundry. We lift our hat and congratulate TvNo for good environmental work! Read the full press release below.

Press Release 2018-04-03 


A completely fossil-free laundry

vNo Textilservice AB in Norrköping is one of Sweden's largest laundries, where approximately 18 tonnes or 50 items are daily washed for the primary care in the Östergötland and Jönköping regions and to the municipality of Norrköping. The energy consumption is of course great and the goal for the last decade has been to become completely fossil-free in operation and transport.

The greatest energy consumption in the business is to produce steam, which is primarily done with the help of pellets. The steam is used for washing machines, dryers, mangoes and heat production. With severe cold and interruption in the pellet boiler, TvNo AB has now switched to supporting biogas solar in a backup boiler and in this way can be completely fossil-free.

- Already in 2009 we started to switch to renewable fuel in our vehicles, in 2012 we switched to using pellets for all operation and heating, we have green electricity and now that we have the opportunity for biogas solar we have reached our goal of being completely fossil-free, something we are very proud of, says Jonny Hägerström, Managing Director at TvNo Textilservice AB.

Before the transition to renewable fuels, TvNo released about 2 tonnes of CO600 annually.

For more information: Jonny Hägerström 070-378 05 02

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Today, TvNo serves about 1300 customers with everything from larger hospitals to smaller district nursing centers and public dental units. The company has about 125 employees and a turnover of about SEK 100 million / year.


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