Press release, December 2, 2015 Swedish Textile Service Association

The Swedish Textile Service Association is the Swedish laundry industry's industry organization and represents members in both dry cleaning and industrial laundry and textile services. Through our member companies we have today applied for review of Söderköping municipality's plans to directly award a laundry contract to Samhall AB, without procurement.

We work actively to counter unhealthy competition, partly in our own name and partly in various collaborations with trade unions, authorities and business. On our initiative, there are now staffers in the laundry industry. We believe in tight rules and conditions and that our laws are complied with. Whether in the private or public sector.

We have great respect for Samhall's work and the aim to create jobs for people a bit from the labor market, but municipalities must also comply with the law, not least with regard to procurement rules based on Union law. In addition, there are opportunities to place social requirements in a procurement, in a way that allows all stakeholders to participate.

We see it as necessary that the municipality immediately review its decision to initiate cooperation directly with Samhall regarding laundry and textile services.

Doing the right thing is an obvious ambition for us, and we also assume that the other players follow the same values ​​- redo and do right.

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