The IF Brommapojkarna have signed an agreement with the Laundry Association as the official partner for the association's youth end. - It gives us additional resources to work with our successful youth initiative, says Christer Hellqvist, Marketing Manager IF Brommapojkarna.

The youth initiative in IF Brommapojkarna has resulted in several talented footballers. The latest in the line that went through the association's youth football can be found in this year's U21 European Cup, which is decided in the Czech Republic. The national team players John Guidetti, Ludwig Augustinsson and Simon Tibbling have all played football in the red-black shirt and yesterday became ready for the semi-finals of the European Championship and thus also the Olympic Games in next year's summer games in Rio de Janeiro. The marketing manager of IF Brommapojkarna, Christer Hellqvist, welcomes the newly signed agreement with the Laundry Association.

- For us at BP, it is a pleasure to be able to present the Swedish Textile Service Association as a new partner. It gives us additional resources to work on our successful youth initiative, says Christer Hellqvist, Marketing Manager IF Brommapojkarna

Federal Director Daniel Kärrholt, the Swedish Textile Service Association, also sees him favorably on the newly signed agreement.

“The Swedish Textile Service Association brings together companies that work with laundry and textile services. What we have in common is that we work with textiles in different forms, which are important for all of us in our working lives and in our everyday lives. The laundry and textile service industry is a broad and expansive industry with great future potential, which together has a turnover of almost SEK 4,5 billion. In Sweden, we have around 5000 proud employees offering services such as work clothes and cloths to the industry, textiles for the hotel and restaurant industry, staff, patient, bed and operating textiles for care and care, as well as entrance mats, mops and towel rolls. Our members are also responsible for laundry and textile handling of consumer laundry.

The Laundry Association operates and works actively to strengthen brand communication around the business, the authorization control and the T-Mark. All our members are authorized with our T-Brand. This means that, through careful control and authorization process, they meet the criteria required to guarantee a business with good service and strong social responsibility. As a consumer, buyer or buyer you can therefore always feel safe when using an authorized T-labeled laundry. By ensuring that textiles stay whole and clean for a long time, we protect both man and the environment - We contribute to the business and public sector functioning! "

- For us it is an opportunity to show our commitment to Sweden's leading youth association. We are also very impressed with BP's solid work, says Federal Director Daniel Kärrholt, the Swedish Textile Service Association.

We at the Swedish Textile Service Association also want to take the opportunity to thank the member companies of the Stockholm Laundry Association who inspired us to this collaboration

The article comes from The Brombo Boys website.
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Daniel Kärrholt
Federal Officer

Swedish Textile Service Association
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Christer Hellqvist
Markand Manager

IF Brommapojkarna
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