Swedish Textile Service Association in collaboration with world-leading trade show organizer

The Swedish Textile Service Association, a trade organization for the Swedish laundry industry, has signed a cooperation agreement with Messe Frankfurt Exhibition GmbH, the world's leading organizer of trade shows. In addition to the opportunity to exchange information for the benefit of the members of the Laundry Association for two years, the organizations will cooperate in various communication and public relations events.

- Especially gratifying is that Messe Frankfurt will participate in our autumn meetings 2018 and 2019 at the highest management level. Our members can, among other things, receive expert help to exhibit and expose the interesting products we produce in Sweden. It creates business opportunities in an international market, says Daniel Kärrholt, Federal Director of the Swedish Textile Service Association.

Preparing for the main fair
Two years ago, the Swedish Textile Service Association started a collaboration with Messe Frankfurt in conjunction with the international trade fair Texcare International 2016. It is this collaboration that has now been deepened in an extended close collaboration ahead of Texcare International 2020.

- For many years Texcare has been the most important trade fair to visit for the laundry and textile service industry. With this cooperation agreement in place, we see excellent opportunities to strengthen the opportunities and the experience for our members, emphasizes Daniel Kärrholt.

Creates business opportunities
- It is exciting that we have this agreement in place, comments
Mattias Dahlquist, CEO of Messeforum AB, official representative of Messe Frankfurt Exhibition GmbH in Sweden and Norway.

- The Swedish Textile Service Association and the Swedish laundry and textile service industry have an obvious place in the Texcare community. Now, two years before Texcare International 2020, we begin our collaboration, we create very favorable conditions for a well-attended fair with a large participation of Swedish exhibitors from the laundry industry and all its partners.


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