We are delighted to welcome Samhall as a new member. We strive to bring together the textile service industry to jointly pursue our priority issues. Samhall has an important mission to educate and get people to work. We share the vision of a sustainable, inclusive society, where there is a place for everyone.

The Swedish Textile Service Association is the Swedish textile service sector's industry organization and represents members in both consumer laundry and industrial laundry management. The Laundry Association conducts continuous work for an innovative and competitive laundry industry. We welcome members regardless of ownership, be it county council / region, state, municipality, large international groups and family owned businesses.

Our industry is a well-functioning integration engine and we have both the potential and the will to grow to be able to generate even more jobs. We give a first job to many who would otherwise be far from the labor market. It creates growth and makes a difference!

The Swedish laundry and textile services sector is ready to help get more out of the labor market. We employ many young people, many without completed education and many who are born abroad. We are an important entry-level industry.

All our members are professionally authorized businesses and undergo an annual inspection by the environmental consulting company Ensucon.

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For further information:

Jan Kluge, Federal Chairman, tel 0705 92 58 98
Daniel Kärrholt, Federal Director, tel. 0705 11 36 85

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25% RUT deduction on laundry