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New T-Mark for our esteemed supplier members

The Swedish Textile Service Association's supplier members offer products and services of the highest quality to the Swedish laundry and textile service industry. For these members, we have now developed a new T-Brand so that you can easily find a supplier whose heart beats a little ...


See the recording from Autumn Meeting 2020

Many thanks to all the lecturers and you who watched. A new chance to follow the program comes here. Part 1 of 2Del 2 of 2You who are a member of the Swedish Textile Service Association will of course find the meeting's presentations on the member portal ...

industry Report

Industry report 2020 out now

Take a look at statistics on the development of the laundry and textile service industry the year before the corona pandemic, 7th edition. This edition of the Swedish Textile Service Association's industry report is released in the middle of the corona pandemic, which has caused great losses to society. Laundry and ...

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The washing line - your member portal

As a member of the Swedish Textile Service Association, you have access to more than 150 exclusive websites with industry news, benefits, knowledge and advertisements. You can find all this and a little more at tvä you prefer English or German you can always reach "Tvättlinan" at ...


Latest news about the digital autumn meeting on 12 November

The digital autumn meeting on November 12 will be broadcast from T-studio - Slagthuset, Malmö. Preliminary time is at 10-15. See it when it happens or whenever you want. Watch our YouTube channel. Update: Now you can stream the entire meeting afterwards »Well-known TV personality etc. Kalle ...


The government wants a Wash-RUT

Proposal for a RUT deduction for laundries in the budget bill. Today, 21 September, the Government has presented the budget bill for 2021. The bill includes an extension of the RUT deduction to also include laundry in laundries from 1 January 2021 ....

JobSwedish Textile Service Association

A dizzying year

We can now begin to summarize the results of many contacts with government representatives, parliamentary politicians, trade unions, authorities and interest groups, digital campaigns, debate articles and our opinion-forming work in general. A part...


Letter from the Laundry Association to Finance Minister Magdalena Andersson and Business Minister Ibrahim Baylan

The government's crisis action to reduce rental costs in particularly vulnerable sectors should be extended to include laundry and textile service companies in SNI code 96.011 Industrial and institutional laundry. In order to reduce the negative effects of the corona pandemic, the government should also accelerate the work of extending the RUT deduction to cover laundry outside the home according to the RUT inquiry's interim report Fi2020 / 00389 / S1.

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The ETSA Webinar "Textile Services in #COVID times: giving added value and contributions to sustainability through innovation." is ongoing Flexed biceps, very informativeSpecial thanks to all of our guest speakers !!!!! #sustainability #webinar #collaboration #textile #circulareconomy ... Show moreShow fewer
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We are looking forward to our ETSA #Webinar next week!"Textile Services in #COVID times: giving added value and contributions to #sustainability through innovation."We are looking forward to hearing from Jesper Jensen CEO at JENSEN-GROUP! His perspective is just one of many which will add a valued dynamic at this webinar, were we will exchange #bestpractices and discuss the state of our industry going forward#textileservices #suppliers #innovation #textile #strategy #circulareconomy #supplychain ... Show moreShow fewer
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25% RUT deduction on laundry