The government's investigators today propose a major change in the Ruth deduction. The laundry association welcomes the intention to create new jobs and at the same time contribute to solving the life puzzle for the buyers and providing an environmentally sound handling of household laundry.

The Rut inquiry SOU 2020: 5 was submitted to the government today. It proposes that households should be able to make Ruth's deductions even when laundry is handed over to a laundry facility. Previously, the deduction was only granted if the work was done by someone who has come home to the buyer and washed in the home's washing machine.

The inquiry also proposes that work normally associated with washing should be included, such as drying, mangling, ironing and folding as well as minor repairs of clothes and transport of laundry, provided this is taken care of by the laundry establishment.

An entry into the labor market

The Swedish laundry and textile service industry has about 5 employees and is a growth industry with great potential. The industry largely employs young people, people who do not have post-secondary education and people who have not established themselves in the labor market.

- Our industry is a well-functioning integration engine and we have both the potential and the will to grow to be able to generate even more jobs. We give a first job to many who would otherwise be far from the labor market. It creates growth and makes a difference!
Our vision is a sustainable and inclusive society where there is a place for everyone, says Jan Kluge, chairman of the Swedish Textile Service Association.

According to the Rut investigation, the conditions for an increase in employment in the laundry industry are judged to be relatively good. A rough estimate indicates that employment in the industry may increase by 1 people.

Optimized for climate and environmental efficiency

- The extension of the Ruth deduction makes it easier for families with children and the elderly when they can get help with a time- and labor-intensive task. The quality-assured processes of professional laundries are completely set to reduce resource use. From a climate and environmental point of view, it is therefore also perfectly right to move laundry to optimized facilities, ”emphasizes Jan Kluge.


The Swedish Textile Service Association conducts continuous work for an innovative and competitive laundry industry. The association welcomes members regardless of ownership, whether county council / region, state, municipality, large international groups and family-owned businesses. All members of the Swedish Textile Service Association are professional authorized operations and undergo an annual inspection by the environmental consulting company Ensucon.

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25% RUT deduction on laundry