Industry Report 2019

- Statistics on the development of the laundry and textile service industry



In this sixth edition of the Swedish Textile Service Association's industry report, economic key figures for the association's members as well as the laundry and textile service industry as a whole are presented. Statistics are also reported on the labor force. The basis gives a good insight into the development of the industry.

The financial key figures are provided by UC Business Fact AB and are based on the limited companies annual reports for 2018 or the latest available broken calendar financial statements. This means that laundries operated in other legal forms are not included in the report unless otherwise stated.

The statistics on the labor force are taken from Statistics Sweden and refer to 2017.

Öster Research has compiled the industry report on behalf of the Swedish Textile Service Association. The individual information in the report has not been reviewed by the Swedish Textile Service Association or Grant Thornton, but all responsibility for facts and conclusions is taken by Öster Research.

Stefan Öster
Öster Research, November 2019

Some goodies from the report


If you have any questions or concerns about the report or the laundry and textile service industry, you are welcome to contact the report author:

Stefan Öster
Tel: 0708-68 95 66

Swedish Textile Service Association
Daniel Kärrholt
Tel: 040-685 14 00


Do you want to know more?

All members of the Swedish Textile Service Association may use the T-mark. It is a clear quality mark and means that our laundries, after approved authorization checks, meet all our requirements for professional knowledge, good business and efficient use of resources.

Therefore, we can always guarantee that T-labeled laundries have the best possible conditions for a high quality service with a high level of service.

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