MFF in society welcomes the Swedish Textile Service Association as a new partner. our mission is to contribute to increased growth in the market through education and information, thereby promoting the laundry industry in Sweden. Our member companies have almost 5000 employees who work with textiles in various forms, all important in our working life and in our everyday lives. We are an important entry-level industry. We help the business and public sector work! All our members are authorized with our T-Brand. This means that, through careful control and authorization process, they meet the criteria required to guarantee a business with good service and strong social responsibility.

“We want to be involved and contribute to a better society. Therefore, our collaboration with MFF in the community is a natural continuation of this work and a great way for us to support an organization that shares our values, ”says Daniel Kärrholt, associate director of the Laundry Association. “It is fantastic that the Laundry Association as a national umbrella organization chooses to pay attention to the work we do within Malmö FF. MFF is not, and should not, just be a football club - but also a positive force in society. The activities that we carry out at MFF have the collective name MFF in society. Basically, it is about creating constructive activities for children and young people so that all this young energy and creativity can be used for something positive and counteract that our young people end up in negative and destructive behaviors. We use the great inherent potential that exists in football as a unifying force for a better society. The cooperation with the Laundry Association gives us another push in our important daily work with children and young people in Malmö but also around Skåne, ”says Per Ågren, MFF in the community.

MFF in Society
Text: Karin Heri - Career Academy

A laundry-related commitment to social issues!

Per Ågren, Malmö FF welcomes Daniel Kärrholt as a new partner.

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