If someone told me a few years ago that we would grow out of our normal meeting costume and that we had three unions on the rake would have 125+ participants, I would have been surprised but proud. With a great deal of humility it is possible to say that we are on the way but that further work is needed to sharpen the agenda and opportunities for all participants. With great respect for everyone's working hours and everything else that requires one's attention, we must constantly improve. After all, you can be allowed a little grand after 145 participants at the autumn meeting and 45 exhibitors. Everyone looked nice.

Personally, I am also pleased that our digital efforts have turned out so well. Infographics of the industry's key figures and digital presentations of our report, among others The social value of the laundry and textile service industry has been received with interest. The laundry and textile service industry shows great potential to grow and thus be able to offer new jobs. The evidence presented in this report at the annual meeting indicated that the industry could double the number of employees, which means a new recruitment of 5 people.

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Jobs, movies, trade shows and much more

Our spin-off from the report - Job, Job, Job - was marketed via Facebook and LinkedIn and communicated via Twitter. What we have received international acclaim for is our innovative animated film The movie about the T-mark & ​​the Authorization check with the very unique Björn Ranelid as narrator. Thank you Björn and thank you Explainer who developed this for us. The film is also available in English version to put the image outside the country's borders.

At the beginning of the year, our Communication Of Engagement - “We care” - was communicated to the UN Global Compact. Together with many member companies, we wholeheartedly support the ten basic principles of the United Nations.

We have signed a cooperation agreement with Messe Frankfurt Exhibition GmbH, the world's leading organizer of trade shows. In addition to the opportunity to exchange information for the benefit of the members of the Laundry Association for two years, we will collaborate in various communication and public relations events.

During the year, we started working with other industry organizations in Germany, Belgium, the Czech Republic and ETSA. a European digital education platform for the textile service industry. The three-year project will be funded by the EU through Erasmus +. The aim is to create an innovative, modular and digitally supported education for the industry.

Together with Vice President Tor-Björn Angin, I have had the pleasure of being published on numerous occasions, including in Dagens Samhälle and many leading local newspapers. The topics have been both climate / environment and the industry's opportunities to create jobs and how we can take a joint responsibility for the environment and the economy by minimizing the textile waste.

In summary, it feels like we have a lot to live up to for 2019 to be able to positively compare ourselves to a successful 2018.

Everything is good for Christmas and New Year

Jan Kluge, Federal Chairman

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