We can now begin to summarize the results of many contacts with government representatives, parliamentary politicians, trade unions, authorities and interest groups, digital campaigns, debate articles and the Laundry Association's opinion-forming work in general.

Some to tick off:

  • Free work clothes in healthcare
  • Establishment of the textile service industry as socially important in the pandemic
  • Inclusion of customers' laundry and textile service costs in adjustment support
  • Rental support for SNI 96.012
  • Washing-RUT - bill and parliamentary treatment remains
  • Continued work with educational support on a European platform
  • Continued development of the membership offer

The priority list we work for:

  • Support directed at companies in the hospitality industry must also include its suppliers in the laundry and textile service industry. For example, companies within SNI code 96.011, which to a large extent wash for hotels and restaurants, should be covered by the rent subsidy.
  • The adjustment support is extended until at least August.
  • The RUT deduction is introduced for laundry services that make it easier for consumers.
  • Workers are given the right to free and clean work clothes, to ensure hygiene, washed in quality and environmentally certified facilities to ensure the environment and climate
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The Swedish Laundry Association celebrates 80 years!