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A dizzying year

We can now begin to summarize the results of many contacts with government representatives, parliamentary politicians, trade unions, authorities and interest groups, digital campaigns, debate articles and the Laundry Association's opinion-forming work in general. A part...


Letter from the Laundry Association to Finance Minister Magdalena Andersson and Business Minister Ibrahim Baylan

The government's crisis action to reduce rental costs in particularly vulnerable sectors should be extended to include laundry and textile service companies in SNI code 96.011 Industrial and institutional laundry. In order to reduce the negative effects of the corona pandemic, the government should also accelerate the work of extending the RUT deduction to cover laundry outside the home according to the RUT inquiry's interim report Fi2020 / 00389 / S1.


Position paper - Measures to restart the economy

From us all European and American colleagues to - national governments / EU institutions and other stakeholders. The letter will be published on ETSA's website and published on ETSA's social media. It will also be sent to EU institutions ...

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Exciting report by TRSA and The Economist
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The Swedish Laundry Association celebrates 80 years!