Job, job, job

The laundry and textile service industry has great potential for new hires and, not least, being able to offer so-called entry jobs.

Free work clothes - a matter of course!

Free work clothes for employees in, among other things, elderly care, home care and preschool are a matter of hygiene, identification and justice.

For a clean environment

As awareness of environmental risks increases, effective environmental adaptation has also become a necessity in every company's action program - and at the same time an important means of competition.

T brand

T-labeled companies possess the best possible conditions for a high-quality business with a high level of service.

Laundry and Textile Service
industry trade organization

The Swedish Laundry Association is the Swedish laundry and textile service industry's industry organization and represents members in both dry cleaning and industrial laundry. The Laundry Association runs a continuous effort for a qualitatively competitive laundry industry. All our members are authorized with our T-Brand. This means that, through careful control and authorization process, they meet the criteria required to guarantee a business with good service and strong social responsibility. As a consumer, buyer or buyer you can therefore always feel safe when using an authorized T-labeled laundry.


The T-mark and the authorization are fundamental to the Laundry Association's activities. It is a clear quality marking and means that all members meet our requirements for professional knowledge, good enterprise and efficient use of resources. Therefore, we can always guarantee that T-labeled laundries have the best possible conditions for a high quality service with a high level of service.

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Today, the environment is one of the major societal issues and, in line with the increased awareness of impending environmental risks, there is a great need for effective environmental adaptation. Our member companies have entered the 2010s as environmentally conscious, viable companies with environment-promoting methods and techniques. They now follow a business model that protects the environment to the greatest extent possible.

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Knowledge and sustainable development are a decisive factor for maintaining a qualitative industry in the long term. The Swedish Laundry Association has a constant mission to shed light on new development opportunities and offer training that in the long term means more efficient use of resources and better market conditions to ultimately increase the competitiveness of our members.

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of the entire industry's turnover is created by members of the Swedish Laundry Association.

JobSwedish Laundry Association

A dizzying year

We can now begin to summarize the results of many contacts with government representatives, parliamentary politicians, trade unions, authorities and interest groups, digital campaigns, debate articles and the Laundry Association's opinion-forming work in general. A part...


Letter from the Laundry Association to Finance Minister Magdalena Andersson and Business Minister Ibrahim Baylan

The government's crisis action to reduce rental costs in particularly vulnerable sectors should be extended to include laundry and textile service companies in SNI code 96.011 Industrial and institutional laundry. In order to reduce the negative effects of the corona pandemic, the government should also accelerate the work of extending the RUT deduction to cover laundry outside the home according to the RUT inquiry's interim report Fi2020 / 00389 / S1.

The autumn meeting begins again

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Nice meeting with our partners for the authorization control Ensucon and enormously knowledgeable in most things about the environment, work environment and sustainability. Gustav, Lovisa and Hanna you are appreciated. . Show moreShow fewer

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When you choose T-Marked you always do a good choice

About the T-Mark

The T-mark is a quality marking, which means that our members, after approved authorization checks, fulfill all our requirements for professional knowledge, good business enterprise and efficient use of resources.

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The Swedish Laundry Association celebrates 80 years!